Robby is the lead singer, keyboardist, and frontman for the Fairfield, CT based band The Lionfish. The Lionfish are a flexible, passionate, and professional group of musicians suited to performing in any venue and any style, from bar shows to weddings to cocktail hours. For more information, please visit

Robby has also served as the bandleader/musical director for a number of shows benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation, collaborating with Michael Patrick Dominick to create shows that highlight the work that the Foundation does as well as the amazing kids the Foundation works for. These shows occur a few times a year throughout the tri-state area.

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Robby has performed professionally on vocals and keyboards with many groups, including Red Ball Express, Vibe, and Supermonkey Deathgrip. He is available for hire to fill out the sound of any band, and his versatility allows him to fit into groups of many different genres, including rock, funk, pop, and jazz.

Solo Performer

Robby has played solo in venues from country clubs to restaurants, hotels, bars, and large theaters. His repertoire is extremely wide, ensuring that he can fit the mood for any event, from happy hour bar crowd to jazz lounge performer.


Robby has accompanied everything from religious services to vocal recitals and cabaret performances. He also has accompanied auditions for musical theater, and the musical theater shows themselves. He has accompanied soloists of all experience levels and always strive to make the soloist feel comfortable and prepared so he or she can truly shine.


Live Highlights from The Lionfish

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My performance of Billy Joel's Prelude/Angry Young Man from way back in the day. With a killer band to boot!


My acoustic cover of Bruce Springsteen's Night. A great song by one of my all time favorite writers!


Acoustic demo- Thank God For The Stars

This is an acoustic demo of a song I wrote called "Thank God For the Stars."


Full demo- Dance With The Devil

This is a demo I recorded for The Lionfish song "Dance With The Devil." The full track can be heard on The Lionfish's album Jonesin' For You available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and wherever music is sold.