The Lionfish perform at the American Cancer Society Fundraiser "Happy Hour for Hope."


"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."- Muhammad Ali

This quote rings especially true with Robby. Its guiding philosophy has led Robby to Quito, Ecuador for a year of service teaching, and has led him to use his talents for causes like the Make a Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Robby is humbled to be fortunate enough to be able to use his passion for others.

Working Boys' Center- Quito, Ecuador

Robby lived in Quito, Ecuador for a year as a volunteer, teaching English, Music, Special Education, Adult Education, and a variety of programs at the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador, or Working Boys' Center. Founded initially as a lunch program for boys working in the streets of Quito, it has developed under the leadership of Jesuit Padre Juan Halligan and BVM Sister Miguel Conway to become a community center and school serving the poor of Quito, providing education, meals, values, and self-worth for the hundreds of families the Center serves. Robby's music classes included grades 2-7, as well as private lessons with older students and concert programs for the school. His time in Quito continues to inspire him, manifesting itself in both his daily life and his musical compositions. For more information about the Center, or to donate, please visit the website:

Make A Wish Foundation

Robby has served as bandleader, musical director, and accompanist for many shows benefitting the Make A Wish Foundation, CT and NY chapters. These shows have included Big Band style shows, Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin cover shows, Broadway Revue shows, Holiday shows, Summer Parties, and more. All of his work with Make A Wish has been in collaboration with Make A Wish employee and Writer, Actor, Singer, and Producer Michael Patrick Dominick. These shows raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation, as well as give the kids who receive wishes through the foundation an opportunity to perform and shine. For more information about the Foundation, or to donate, please see the website:

American Cancer Society

Robby has performed in many ACS events, including regional Relay for Life events and fundraising events. The mission of the American Cancer Society is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. They are attacking cancer from every angle through activism, innovative breakthroughs in cancer research, uniting communities with compassion and access to treatment, and providing direction with information and answers For more information, or to donate, please visit:


My adorable 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders singing a song called "La Limpieza," written by my co-teacher for part of the year, Patricio Tapa.


My combined 2-7th graders and I singing "Amazing Grace," or "Sublime Gracia" at the rehearsal for our Spring Concert.